As-Syifa Peduli Distributes Aid to Victims of the Sumedang Landslide

As-Syifa Peduli volunteer team, on February 1, 2021, visited the refugees affected by the Sumedang landslide in the West Java Provincial Government’s Flats (Rusunawa) in Rancaekek Bandung. After the landslide on January 9, 2021, 10 refugee families decided to stay in the Rusunawa. After the authorities decided his residence had to be vacated for relocation. Meanwhile, some other residents still survive in the houses around the landslide location, even though they are in the red zone which must be vacated.

As-Syifa Peduli decided to continue distributing donations to residents in the Rusunawa, after previously opening public kitchens around the landslide location. As of yesterday, more than 1000 portions of ready-to-eat food have been distributed to affected residents around the location. And furthermore, the distribution of food donations is focused on residents who live temporarily in Rusunawa until the condition of their family kitchen equipment returns to normal.

In addition to assistance in the form of ready-to-eat food, As-Syifa Peduli also distributed sleeping equipment in the form of folding mattresses, blankets and pillows to the refugees in the Rusunawa. The existence of sleeping equipment really helps those who have been sleeping on mats and carpets.

Mrs Rukamah, 51 years old, a refugee resident, told how they decided to move to the Rusunawa even though they felt heavy hearted. He and his family had to stay there temporarily for three to six months. Therefore, she asked for moral and material support to be given the courage to accept this trial. She also advised that the mental condition of the refugees should be considered, especially among women. Because not a few residents are traumatized by the tragedy that occurred. Especially when they had to vacate the house they had been building so hard.

Responding to these conditions, As-Syifa Peduli plans to deploy a Trauma Healing Team, to provide assistance to displaced residents so that they can recover psychologically, build motivation, so that residents can return to normal activities.

Mr Syamsul, a resident who was not affected by the disaster, explained that most of the house owners in the vicinity of the landslide, including himself, are retired factories who have lived in the house for more than twenty years, using installments since they worked. So, when they had to be relocated, many of them were not ready to move and were waiting for confirmation from the authorities for their replacement house.

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