As-Syifa Al-Khoeriyyah Holds a Grand Gathering for Quran Loving Mothers

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Subang - The As-Syifa Al-Khoeriyyah Foundation through the As-Syifa Ummahat Department held the 2nd Grand Gathering of Guidance Tahsin Al-Quran (Bimtaq) with the theme Healthy with Al-Quran in the Erdogan Hall of the As-Syifa Jalancagak Campus, Saturday (21/10/2023).

Approximately 500 members of mothers from six villages in Subang regency attended, filling the activities in an event to strengthen the relationship between members of the Bimtaq community called UmmaQu.

The Chairman of the As-Syifa Al-Khoeriyyah Foundation, DR. KH Lalu Agus Pujiartha, MA. in his speech hoped that As-Syifa would be able to provide many blessings to the community, one of which was the Bimtaq program.

"Please pray from all mothers that As-Syifa will always be given blessings, if we are close to the Koran our lives are always blessed by Allah, and we As-Syifa Al-khoeriyyah Foundation facilitate to share the blessings of the Koran with the UmmaQu program," he explained.

In addition, the Manager of the As-Syifa Ummahat Department, Sri Wahyuningsih, S. IP. who also attended said, "This is the second gathering and Alhamdulillah Bimtaq has been running for about three years from 2020 and now the number of members has reached around 550 members".

He also hoped that more and more people will be interested in participating in Bimtaq activities so that they can motivate their families, relatives and neighbors.

"More and more people who participate in the Learning Al-Quran program can later benefit themselves and their families," he concluded.

The gathering was opened with Khataman Al-Quran which was followed by all participants, followed by motivational taklim Al-Quran by dr. Encep Sugiana, M.HKes. and Ust. H.T Munandar Hilmi, S.Ag, the opening of the Bimtaq UmmaQu Community, and finally closed with Munashoroh for Palestine.

The Bimtaq UmmaQu program specializes in implementing it for women, especially mothers who cannot read the Koran, and the program is held once a week by learning together accompanied by a special facilitator.(Utep Widiatna)***

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