Education and Islamic Boarding Schools


Education & Boarding School became one of the initial ways of establishing As-Syifa. Currently incorporated in the As-Syifa Integrated Islamic School (SIT) there are levels of education including: PAUD, SMPIT, SMAIT, MTs, MA, AEBS, LTIQ, and STIQ As-Syifa.

Da'wah and Social


Da'wah and Social Activities are engaged in several activities to empower Civil Society and Increase the Potential of DAI to maximize the spread of da'wah and the social agenda of the community, especially in the Subang Regency area.

Health, Social and Community


Health & Society is an avenue of benefit for As-Syifa Al-Khoeriyyah Foundation that can help the wider community in the agenda of community empowerment, ziswaf distribution, social and health activities in supporting the wider interests of the ummah.


As-Syifa Al-Khoeriyyah

As-Syifa Al-Khoeriyyah Foundation was established on January 4, 2003, and is domiciled in Tambakmekar Village, Kec. Jalancagak, Subang Regency, West Java.

As public trust increased, the Foundation received assistance from donors both at home and abroad. Therefore, the Foundation began to expand its work with work in the field of education. Al-Qur'an memorization education (tahfizh) became the beginning of the Foundation's work in education with the establishment of LTIQ (Lembaga Tahfizh dan Ilmu Al-Qur'an) in 2003.

After that, it gradually began to organize formal education with the establishment of TKIT (Integrated Islamic Kindergarten) in 2003, SMPIT (Integrated Islamic Junior High School) in 2006, SMAIT (Integrated Islamic Senior High School) in 2009, SMPIT-SMAIT As-Syifa Wanareja in 2016 and MTs-MA As-Syifa Sagalaherang in 2022.

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As-Syifa Al-Khoeriyyah Foundation

Governor_of_West_Java_Ahmad_Heryawan 2018

I am also proud of As-Syifa Boarding School Subang. We balance Religion and Science and Technology. Many of the previous scholars were physics experts, medical experts, as well as fiqh experts and Hafizh Al Quran.

- Dr. H. Ahmad Heryawan, Lc., M.Si.

Governor of West Java Period 2008 - 2018

Bupati Subang

As-Syifa sebagai lembaga institusi pendidikan sangat berperan penting dalam menyiapkan Generasi Emas Indonesia.

- H. Ruhimat, S.Pd., M.Si.

Bupati Subang

Our Activities and

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