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Subang (17/02/21), the As-Syifa Al-Khoeriyyah Foundation through the Da’wah and Social Division made a visit to the Jalancagak district’s Religious Affairs Office (KUA) in the context of gathering and discussing the partnership plan of the As-Syifa Al-Khoeriyyah Foundation with KUA Jalancagak.

The As-Syifa group was greeted directly by Oom Sobarudin as the Head of the Jalancagak Subdistrict’s Religious Affairs Office (KUA) and his staff. Meanwhile, from the Da’wah and Social Division of As Syifa Al-Khoeriyyah, also attended the Head of Community Service (Yanmas), Muhammad Ihsan Setiawan, Lc, M. Pd; General Manager, Taupik Hidayat, S.Pd; and several other colleagues and the media, to introduce the new management structure at As-Syifa and exchange ideas related to cooperation between the two parties.

Uncle Sobarudin appreciated the As-Syifa program several years ago which he had witnessed himself. In his story, he felt firsthand the benefits As-Syifa spread through one of the programs implemented by Santri LTIQ As-Syifa in the wanareja area which he later did not find anymore.

Several other programs that have been implemented by the Da’wah Division were also mentioned, such as Dauroh Janaiz. “This program received a very good reception by the KUA, and even hopes that it can be continued again in order to educate the people regarding the understanding of handling this corpse,” he said. (Public Relations-Assyifa)